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Hero Rebates

Are you a Veteran or active duty military personnel considering using your VA Home Loan? Are you a Military PCS relocation? What about a police officer, firefighter, EMT, or nurse considering buying a house? 

As a way of saying “Thank you!” to our nation’s heroes, Stars and Stripes Realty is giving back a 20% commission rebate upon the successful close of a first responder’s home purchase.

This is our way of serving those who have served or currently serve our country and showing our appreciation for the sacrifices and dedication they have shown to keep this land free and safe. First responders are at the heart of our nation, and we strive to help them find their dream homes while they work to protect ours.

How does it work? 

Purchase a house using Stars and Stripes Realty as your brokerage, and we will give you a rebate of 20% of the gross commission we earn to you during closing subject to our minimum $7,000 earned fee. A home buyer rebate, or commission rebate, is when a real estate agent or broker shares a portion of the fee they collect on a transaction with the buyer. This rebate comes directly out of our commission at the close of the transaction and is paid toward your closing costs as a “Thank you!” for your service.  

Benefits of working directly with Stars and Stripes Realty:

  • No rebate limit – the higher the house cost (and our commission) the higher the rebate.
  • The freedom to choose your lender.
  • You don’t wait for a rebate check in the mail, it’s paid directly toward your closing costs at the close of escrow.

During the process of buying or selling a home, also be sure to check out other rebates or incentives that are offered for veterans and military families that you may be entitled to. There are nationwide savings programs created for military members of all statuses, but there may also be other professionals such as lenders or inspectors that have programs specifically for military or first responder members. 

Example Hero Rebate: $600,000 home at 3% commission

Home PriceCommission 3% EarnedStars and Stripes Realty Keeps20% Hero Rebate
*Please note, while typical, not all sellers offer a 3% commission and this can range anywhere from 1.5%-4%. This will adjust the amounts above.

Who is Eligible?

Potential homebuyers serving in the positions below with proof of past military service or current employment:

Active Duty, Veterans, Retired, Reservists, National Guard

Police Officers, Corrections Officers, State Troopers, County Sheriffs, Border Patrol, Retired Officers

Active, Retired, Volunteer

Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, EMTs, Ambulance, Dispatchers

What Documents Do I Need to Show?

Active Duty Military: a statement of service signed by the adjutant, personnel office, or commander
of the unit.

Reserve and Guard (discharged): NGB Form 22

Veterans: DD Form 214, Certification of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Veterans must have an honorable or general discharge from the service in order to qualify.

Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Healthcare, and First Responders: Proof of employment or retirement.

What if the transaction falls through?

Unfortunately, if the house sale does not successfully close and Stars and Stripes Realty does not receive a commission, then no rebate is provided. This rebate is paid upon the successful close of a transaction paid toward your closing costs – if the house doesn’t close then there are no closing costs to be paid.

If you have any questions at all about the Hero Rebate program, please give us a call!

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